🦠 Currently, there are a number of vaccine options for Covid 19, that are being tried out in South Africa and globally

🦠 Even after the vaccine has been found it will only help those that are not affected yet so they can build up an immune system that can fight the virus.

🦠 Everyone is looking forward to the day when an APPROPRIATE vaccine will be availed to everyone to address this COVID scourge.

🦠 Meantime it will be best to rely on our nonspecific protocol of UMUTHI.

🦠It’s also important to note that even with the best vaccine, critically ill patients will not be able to benefit from it, as vaccines would require adequate energy levels for them to work.

🦠 Considering the above point, this makes UMUTHI the ideal remedy across the board.

🦠 Vaccines may trigger serious reactions in sensitive individuals.

🦠 Vaccines take time to instigate production of antibodies by the system-UMUTHI works within a fraction of a second on moderate to mild cases…. within hours to three days on pneumonic cases.

🦠Vaccines may affect hormonal balance –UMUTHI will not .