About Umuthi

Umuthi aims to inactivate the virus thereby completely eliminating it by means of denaturing spike proteins which dose receptor-binding on host cells.

Make up
Covid Spike Protein consists of:
1) Tryptophan = 12
2) Cysteine = 40
3) Tyrosine = 54

Rates of reaction with our recommended solution
Tryptophan = 34,000 per mole per second
Cysteine =69,000,000 per mole per second
Tyrosine =13,000,000 per mole per second
These rapid rates of reaction enable short exposure time of Umuthi. This has an advantage of providing the flexibility to use high and effective concentrations- taking advantage of CT values.

Focus point
Once spike protein is dissolved the virus’ receptor binding ability to the host cell is hampered.
Inactivation is achieved using any concentration. The least concentration is safe for human organs but inactivates the virus in milliseconds

Umuthi is safe to inhale by patients or anyone who wants to do so.
For critically ill patients, creating a humid atmosphere is necessary through even a simple humidifier. Breathing-in the aerosols means the patient’s upper and lower respiratory systems have contact and the virus found therein is rapidly inactivated on contact.

Side effects
Umuthi, at our recommended concentrations, has no known side effects on patients or anyone exposed to it. Tests done by researchers on rats and rabbits  showed no change in organs sizes nor change in metabolism or respiratory processes.

Air passages clear immediately. Dry coughing stops and smooth coughing returns, signalling a removal of phlegm from the lungs.
Appetite, smell and taste are restored immediately the virus is inactivated.
Patients stop exhibiting Covid 19 symptoms. Covid tests can be carried out and THEY WILL BE NEGATIVE.

Recovered patients develop their own immunity to Covid. Their immune system considers itself to have conquered the virus. This helps with future infections as the body would have developed its own defence mechanism- more like someone has been vaccinated. In essence the body creates its own “vaccine”.

Store Umuthi in a dark, cool place – away from the reach of children, and use only as directed by the manufacturer.

Umuthi spillages can be dangerous and smells can be strong.
Evacuate the room where it is and ensure good aeration. Umuthi disappears in no time due to exposure to light and air.
In case of unintended ingestion, medical attendants should be informed that it is a very strong oxidant that can be abolished using good reducing agents or strong anti-oxidants. Preliminary treatment can utilise activated charcoal which eradicates Umuthi in seconds.

The efficacy of Umuthi is enhanced by the production of Nascent oxygen, which circulates in the blood, thereby disinfecting the system as a whole. This helps with oxygen saturation in Covid 19 patients who are already on ventilators.

Key Advantage of Umuthi
Umuthi is specific to targets of microbiological significance. It goes to the lower and upper respiratory systems on inhalation as a gas or dissolved as an aerosol. It is significant to note that it does not require much energy from the patient for it to work unlike a vaccine would.
Thus healing is guaranteed as long as Umuthi is applied to the patient –whether it is a mild, moderate or severe case.